Friday, November 30, 2012

Trying this in HTML to see what it looks like. Not sure if it puts all the info in or I have to. Lets see what it does when I click on picture for background it loaded it, looks okay in preview. But doesn't really look any different then what I have been doing. I'm really going to have to get back into HTML, it's not that hard, just have to remember is all. Sunday is getting closer. LoL Dropped in on a team practice last night. Did a couple of walks with them. They were nice to me, but wow lots to learn to do that. Dang lights, if I had had to walk a straight line, I'd have been taken to jail for sure. Let alone tripping over the lights. Was fun tho. They even let me drive once. Didn't wreck so that's a good thing. Have all the poses I think and my huddles loaded up for more. Well gonna run for now and see how this looks. cookie kisses, LiL

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Styling Circus Theme

Am waiting in anticipation of Sunday OH  is THE day, if you read my blog this is your invitation

                                ❤«´¨`°• ~☆  *CWS GRADUATION! *  ☆~ •°´¨`»❤
                             ~~~~~~~~❤`You are invited to Join us❤     ~~~~~~~~~~            
                                   Sunday 1:00 pm/slt ~~December 2nd, 2012
After four weeks of intense training I've passed my finals and am graduating this coming Sunday from the University of Classic with Style.
Along with my class mates we will be walking in cap and gown.
Sl willing and my cable provider being nice to me I hope to be there.
I hope you can come too.
With me are;
***Agee Canto
***Annabree Fang
*** Farahvesta Resident
***Summitt Beaumont

If things work out I plan on sending this in world but thought it would be nice to post it here also.

Duh, the theme.
                                          ★(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ Styling Circus Theme ·'´)¸.·'´)★
                                                        1st-    Lizzy Lighthouse 
                                                        2nd-     LIBERTY Lighthouse
                                                        3rd-   Janet Gartner
Were the winners. I didn't do to bad on scoring and I did a little act for everyone, which was fun. And that's how it should be. Congrats to the winners I even have a picture :)

They put together some great outfits. I'm learning still. Just because I get to graduate doesn't mean I'm an instant super star model. Takes time.
Night Blog as always,

cookie kisses,


Monday, November 26, 2012

PASSED YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Blog,

Had my final today before the Dean. Can kick myself a bit as I had some nice heels then remembered at the last moment 'no prim feet' in class. So changed to another nice pair of silver. After I went home and checked as I had thought I'd had them turned off. Duh, off in the window means on, and on means off. Hey, it's SL what do you expect. But is completely my fault on that one.
So after, logged out, nice hot bath, candles, wine, a very nice dinner, wine, relaxed and had some wine. Did I mention I had some wine? LoL
Still have one more to go 'the walk' I'm ready for this and I'll remember to turn OFF sounds, some lessons you just have to learn the hard way, best remembered if you do. I'm going to close this page eventually and start posting different styles and such ( I said that before didn't I) but want to post my walk and presuming I get a diploma (I've seen some around the class room) I'll post that also.
I made up a little picture (don't you like my pictures) of things that I took and this is that;

Just some pictures I had taken on my journey during the school, things I had done and me.
I can hear a little song in the back ground calling out to me 'drink me' so I'm going to go finish my wine. That's the second bottle by the way LoL. Good night dear blog. as always

cookie kisses,


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good afternoon Blog, sorry I'm late but has been a busy morning. Rushing around taking pictures, dressing, posing and trying to find the perfect picture and description to show you what I'm wearing for my final. So here goes; first of all for my beach final this is what I have;

This is my final ensemble that I've chosen to wear for my beach test. I found this at VELVETRYTHMS New Main store located at CWS Fashion District A.  the prices I saw at this store were reasonable for all that was included with this outfit.
Some were less and some were more. This is the Sky demon Silver.  I selected this as I felt it called to me. A bit formal yet jazzy. Or maybe because sometimes I am an 'imp'. When I walk it shimmers with the blues fading and the silvers appearing. Not to detract from the ensemble I added a simple gold necklace with little diamonds and a gold ankle bracelet with diamonds that I found at Alba Art and Fashion in the same location, it also has a gold bracelet included.  These were for sale for 1L and I picked up a few more things at the same price here. 
The outfit includes many different ways to dress yourself, but for me (and my test) this is what I chose.
Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy wearing what I am.
I also have a part two to my final test so yes more pictures LoL. This is what I'm wearing;
My Casual Winter outfit I purchased from a store in the CWS Fashion District A.
There are so many shops in this area it was hard to stick to my schedule on what I had to get. I just wanted to keep on shopping. But alas, I had to have a list so I wouldn't get carried away. Accountants are so mean sometimes when I over spend.
This ensemble was purchased at  SF Designs and included the boots. With the sweater it also has two belts with resizer and one without. It is available in three colors, mine is gold.
I also found another shop ( LoL ) where I purchased the hair I'm wearing. It's from the same area at Bliss Couture, there were many selections and fat packs available, I chose Champagne and it also came with Sugar which is a bit lighter but very nice.
I added the Alba Rossini winter snow flake earrings and the moon pearls and silver necklace that I picked up earlier
For a shopping expedition CWS Fashion District A is a place to visit, if your accountants don't mind. Plan for a day, bring snacks. Also visit District B, the shops there are enticing also.

I had a hard time deciding on the pictures, as I wanted the snowflake earrings to show up, so I changed one to sunset and two to normal, hope you like these also;

The first two are with sunset settings, the last is my settings. The earrings really show up in the sunset, hope you like.
Is time for me to fly, so many things to do. Well, not to many, my accountants are a bit upset with me.

cookie kisses


Saturday, November 24, 2012


                             TODAY WAS MIDTERM

hahaha thought I was finished but as an added incentive I get to post two midterm pictures.
We did a styling theme ;

                                                   AVANT GARDE        


And this is what I wore

I like the hair. Don't know as I'll ever wear it again, but love it. Just something made me say 'YES' to this hair. Then after went to work on the outfit and color.  If you'd like to see where I looked, it was explained in class, you can follow this link 

it's from google and shows lots of different styles.

Can't say what all went on, had to sign a disclosure statement, but had to do this also (giggles)

It was all fun, once I was standing here. The ladies that took them with me were all great. Sorry I don't have their links sec..maybe;

these are a couple you can look at. Can post the others sometime so you can see.

I wonder if it's okay to say 'I PASSED' Well still the Dean sooooo...but doing a 'boogie' dance big smile and clapping my hands...LoL.

                                                 !!CWS...SIMPLY THE BEST!!

oops,have a show tomorrow, can't sit around much, but going to take a break...

cookie kisses (big chocolate ones)


ps..that green looks ok on this page, but not showing up right in blog..not good...fixed it LoL
Midterm has arrived. Today is the day. Looking at the list my blog must be done.
This has been my journey to this point. It has been an adventure that I never had to leave home for metaphorically speaking. LoL.
I hope along the way I've made some friends. I know there are lots I will always remember that journeyed with me, taught me and made me laugh.
I have watched shows that were so life like I felt that a limo was waiting outside to take me home.
Was able to participate in a few and even placed 2nd in one. They were all fun looking back 'after' but at the same time a bit nervous during.
All of it has been fun, well, most.
If you've read this blog you'll understand.
As I wait the time out, finishing this up and waiting to be called I'm going to do a quick change in sl, close this blog, and relax awhile.
Coffee is waiting for me. See ya on the other side always

cookie kisses,


Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Styling Theme

Went and did another styling theme. Nah, didn't win but had fun and learned. Some great models, outfits and a great time was had by all.
This is what I wore;

Just fooled around with what I had in inventory, since was bows and stockings LoL Even wore green earrings for mistletoe
Why am I always nervous before I walk out? Just need to do more shows. CWS did a movie, I might be in it you can look here;    or you can look here too and after we got to dance on stage, was new also and fun. This is all of us dancing;

OH..should tell you who won

3rd was Caralyne Melody
2nd was Chevia Johansson
1st was Zigrich Zsigmond old saint nick himself.

Had class today, this show, and need to get ready for always

cookie kisses,



Hello Blog,

Was sitting here thinking and going through my inventory.

I look at people that create, design and have been here lots longer then I. And just in the last few weeks I have created more then 2000 items in my inventory. Most of this is for modeling. I had been trying to keep things down below 22k and sad to say, oops......LoL
There is a class in a little bit that I don't want to miss. And a show tonight that I created an outfit for.
Not that I actually 'made' the items that I'll be wearing sad to say, but I put it together. Have I mentioned that I did make a 'cookie'? It has sparkles and is mine. Which reminds me, I need to do something so I'll just leave this as is. Hope all you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Will leave you this link to watch, enjoy;

cookie kisses,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

                                  Amarige weddings

      hosted by Anrol Anthony and Steve McCullough of CWS Simply the Best

Attended this styling show and took pictures I thought I would share. I enjoyed it, hope you do too;

Models, Liberty Lighthouse, sweetyuna Wendel, Chevia Johansson, Ascensions, Summitt Beaumont, Thrishia Denver, annabree Fang, Katrinova, caralyne.melodyand Agee.canto.

and the winners 3rd Thrishia, 2nd Ascensions, 1st Summitt Beaumont. Congrats to all !!!!!

Made class too. Was great practicing as a group. Had to pay attention tho cause it went fast so only got this one shot, after :-)
Getting so close to the end. Lots of hard work ahead just to finish class. Is great fun.
Took this while I was waiting;

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving always,

cookie kisses,

Was thinking. I know it makes my head hurt when I do that..but..I have actually gone/did three styling events. The first was Hawaiian Theme and I had no clue but tried it anyway. The second was Celebrities and I wore a Tux, at least this time I had a clue, and the third was Skating Theme and I placed 2nd. YAY me.
Anyway, was playing with this blog and made a bunch of changes, just because I could :-) so we'll see.

cookie kisses

Hello Blog off to a great start so far. But the day is young yet, have to wait and see what happens next. Have 3 sets of poses I need to put together, while I'm looking forward to all of them, one set is very special. This month has flown. Just seems like yesterday I was starting and now, here I am close to the finish. I kinda did a check with myself last night. All my home work is finished, poses and huddle done, mostly :-), yes except for above, bio and photo's turned in. One thing I didn't understand is 'finish blog' I suppose it may be answered today we have class for mid quizzes. If I get by them then I should be able to attend mids. So wish me luck.
I will eventually start a new blog. The thing that confuses me, is every time I try and start a new one I have to use a different url and then it has to check if it's available. Someday it might look like LiLssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss LoL.
I did notice that as I add to this one, older posts roll off. So you have to check older posts to see the whole thing. There was one started when I was first learning that is blank. I could use that one I suppose. Will eventually. Set up a different style and such. Oh, there is one I did..and no my living room does NOT look like that. I could get creative and write one in HTML. But if I use pictures for background, and on the page they have to be stored somewhere and pull them into. And if things are slow, then the pictures don't show up and ut oh.    there, that's the link you can follow to see what all I did, my instructors and the students of Nov 2012 CWS Simply the Best.

Will try and keep up, but a busy couple weeks coming up and Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great one. And lots of cookies.

cookie kisses,


ps..Avant Garde is today..Quizzes are the 23rd and hope that link shows up in orange, well I played. But if you follow the link,you'll see...bye

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Was late for class. Ut Oh..Was lucky and she didn't bring her whip out. :-) Am a bit tired. Getting ready for Mids., a show, rushing taking pictures, for here and in world. Turning in things. Walking, posing. Making sure it seems to flow. Class, runways, formations. What day is this..sec..TUESDAY... lol had to check.
Between RL work, SL work and going to school for modeling (this page) I feel like I've shrunk two inches rushing about on my little feet. We know that can't happen, but I can feel like it.
Have the outfits ready for the show, for Avant Garde, still need poses for the show, did Avant Garde ones already. 
Tests coming up. What am I forgetting? Umm I forget what I'm forgetting.
I did take this picture hope you like it (shhhh it's a surprise)

I've seen a few movies about models, you know, they rush into a room and 15 people attend her, she stands up, they dress her. Then she walks out and smiles and poses. If only.
But it's all fun..and that's what matters most.
Have a great day.

cookie kisses,


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Morning Blog.
Another great day. Sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Was close to 1pm slt until I class...since I did a double on Saturday, wait..a triple...Assessment, Show, Class, so I had a kinda day off. Well not really, went and took a couple of pictures, this is two of them, one I changed my profile to the other is what I was wearing;

Changed my skin for these shots. Gave the face a more softer look and realistic. Which will work later in my modeling career I hope.
I went to a show that CWS was having, you can see the show or links to over here >>>>>>>>>>>
that directions btw, not a link the blogs are on the side.
I'm concerned about the next leg of the auditions. I have this really beautiful outfit from Ms Lillou that I want to show. The problem(s) are the poses for. I think I've done a better job just need to come up with some poses that will work. Am going to ask an instructor for a hand on this one. I'd really like to model this outfit. Have to wait and see what happens. Either or, I'll post when I can, so stay tuned.

cookie kisses,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Am frazzled. Did my Assessment today. Instructor said okay on it. Threw me for a couple minutes. Class is a bit different then out in SL. But I worked through it.
Ms Lillou, a designer held an audition today that I had entered and was accepted. I placed in the top 15. Have instructions already for the next leg, so need to work on that. This is what I modeled;

A friend in SL did this for me long before the show. Hugs Shimmer. There is another one she did below. LoL.......Scroll down..
You can see all the top 15 here;

Was really nervous as there were some great models and designs being shown. But they picked me :-)
Have to work harder to get to the top, or even closer. Good luck to all who made it.
Lots more coming up. Enough for this day.
Check the blogs I follow..

cookie kisses,


 ps..did get a shot of the judges too that's this

forgot..I have another shot of me today before the show. I was practicing.


Oh duh (smacks self) have been blogging 'midterm' is Assessment...READ why don't you LoL. still a long way to go for midterm. ahead a bit. Don't like the looks of things to come. I'll get this. Patience, Practice, Perseverance. Say that ten times real quick...couldn't do it could you?
Is okay neither could I.
K am really going to stop now. less then 45 minutes for me...cya

Good Morning,

Well..the day has come...Midterms.........blah.......THEN I have an audition at 1.  And have to be there early. Am a nervous wreck.
Being new to modeling I suppose I shouldn't worry much about the audition. But I am there. The thing that bothers me right I'll need to keep my mind on the audition after midterm and not wonder how I did. They don't tell you when they'll let you know. Maybe I should go get an outfit for it. Instead of my jeans n stuff. I don't know..have been shopping so much the last two days. Getting 'TMF' again. Which doesn't help when your trying to walk a catwalk.
I think after today I'm going to set up a new page. Not to sure about there templates..Oh well we'll see how it goes.

cookie kisses,


Friday, November 16, 2012

Designer Ms JayGee Volmar

                                HOSTED BY CWS

The Models...Vicky, Tiffani, Janet, Sidney, Tabytha, Ania, Ascensions, Caralyre, Laci, Erin, MsChevia

Another WOW...Really had to be there. This was a great show with Anrol and Steve..great job to the Models, Anrol and Steve and Ms JayGee for the outfits.

With luck you'll be able to see the pics I took;

Going to stop and give this a try. This is the third time I've tried this. Wish me luck. If it works...view it as a slide show...was a fantastic show

cookie kisses,