Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello Blog off to a great start so far. But the day is young yet, have to wait and see what happens next. Have 3 sets of poses I need to put together, while I'm looking forward to all of them, one set is very special. This month has flown. Just seems like yesterday I was starting and now, here I am close to the finish. I kinda did a check with myself last night. All my home work is finished, poses and huddle done, mostly :-), yes except for above, bio and photo's turned in. One thing I didn't understand is 'finish blog' I suppose it may be answered today we have class for mid quizzes. If I get by them then I should be able to attend mids. So wish me luck.
I will eventually start a new blog. The thing that confuses me, is every time I try and start a new one I have to use a different url and then it has to check if it's available. Someday it might look like LiLssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss LoL.
I did notice that as I add to this one, older posts roll off. So you have to check older posts to see the whole thing. There was one started when I was first learning that is blank. I could use that one I suppose. Will eventually. Set up a different style and such. Oh, there is one I did..and no my living room does NOT look like that. I could get creative and write one in HTML. But if I use pictures for background, and on the page they have to be stored somewhere and pull them into. And if things are slow, then the pictures don't show up and ut oh.    there, that's the link you can follow to see what all I did, my instructors and the students of Nov 2012 CWS Simply the Best.

Will try and keep up, but a busy couple weeks coming up and Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great one. And lots of cookies.

cookie kisses,


ps..Avant Garde is today..Quizzes are the 23rd and hope that link shows up in orange, well I played. But if you follow the link,you'll see...bye

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