Friday, April 19, 2013

I've been contemplating on how to end this since so much has happened. It was bittersweet standing on the stage as I graduated from advanced and earned my Doctorate.  So many memories of experiences during my wonderful journey at CWS.
 Like RL, SL moves forever forward. Anrol and Steve have passed the reins to Sunrae and Kiralyn, staff changes have taken place. But the 'heart' and core is still there. A program for teaching that is in place and always advancing, as does the fasion world of SL.
On one side, modeling is very competitive. On the other you become a family and welcomed with open arms.  Help is always an IM away, it may take a few minutes to get an answer ( I think it's the drinking) but you always do.
If perchance you get an oppurtunity to attend CWS University it will be the experience of a lifetime.
Now I need to come up with a new blog title, add a tab to this blog, and keep on posting.
as always,
cookie kisses
LiL Doctorate pictures lol below