Friday, April 19, 2013

I've been contemplating on how to end this since so much has happened. It was bittersweet standing on the stage as I graduated from advanced and earned my Doctorate.  So many memories of experiences during my wonderful journey at CWS.
 Like RL, SL moves forever forward. Anrol and Steve have passed the reins to Sunrae and Kiralyn, staff changes have taken place. But the 'heart' and core is still there. A program for teaching that is in place and always advancing, as does the fasion world of SL.
On one side, modeling is very competitive. On the other you become a family and welcomed with open arms.  Help is always an IM away, it may take a few minutes to get an answer ( I think it's the drinking) but you always do.
If perchance you get an oppurtunity to attend CWS University it will be the experience of a lifetime.
Now I need to come up with a new blog title, add a tab to this blog, and keep on posting.
as always,
cookie kisses
LiL Doctorate pictures lol below

Friday, February 8, 2013

                                   Advanced Class

Have been trying to think of a word to describe my journey at CWS in advanced. Overwhelmed comes to mind. Durus (latin, I looked it up :-) ) is the one foremost in my thoughts. But you know what? I'm learning. Some disappointment at times. I guess the reason for this is that the staff works so hard to give you what they already know, so when I am not up to their standards I'm disappointed in me. If I was just told 'do this' that would be one thing. But before I'm told to 'do this' I'm taught 'how' to do it. So I guess not being able to rise to their standards is my disappointment. 
But then when I do I get a surge of happiness that they approved of me doing what was asked. 
If you read this or happen across it in your surfings and wish to 'learn' about modeling CWS is the place to learn. 
So for now I'll get back to doing some things that need to be done on my wonderful journey.
as always
cookie kisses,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

                      PICTURE PLAYING

Sorry have not been doing much on here just overloaded. Had a small break and have been playing with Gimp, trying to figure out how they do the backgrounds. Well, guess what?? Let you see, sec

The last one down is what I started with, then next up added a canvas filter, and the finished changed the color balance. Not to bad for a first timer. Watched this movie I found on utube about 20 zillion times, wow was it fast. But finally figured it out. Will post this and see how it looks, and will do more. There is more actually since I learned about pages. You just have to look.
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Friday, January 18, 2013


On my continuing journey at UCWS as part of my home work I had to announce at a styling event.
If you've followed my blog you know I've attended some of these on stage and all that is involved.
Tonight being on the other side was a whole new experience that gave me an insight into what goes on. WOW...........................
I'm not telling ;-)
I suppose after the announcer has did this a few times is lots easier. And I hope I did a good job. Will find out later. Took a couple of pictures, one of me long before the show. I changed my wind light settings and took these pictures, also did some editing on them since I'm learning that also.

This is me

I edited this on the colors and sharpened the image some. Also took these of the winners

The second is cropped from the first. Not bad eh?  ;-) Well I like them.
Oh, the winners

                                        ★(`'·.¸(`'·.¸  Styling Meow Theme ·'´)¸.·'´)★

                                                  1st  :    Summitt Beaumont
                                                  2nd-   laci.rossini
                                                  3rd-    Dev Darkbyrd
Like always, everyone that attended were winners. Was a great show....You can see more here;

                                           CWS !SIMPLY THE BEST!

as always

cookie kisses,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had a sorta kinda class today. The outfit I thought was for today wasn't. So will have to post that later. But I was sitting in the classroom waiting and SL had something that they needed to get fixed. I thought it was me so logged out. Opps...Couldn't get logged back in. So waited and waited and finally was able to. Just as I was deciding on what to do I get an IM. Part of my class work. What I did was try and help explain what goes on at the free styling events that CWS has. I kinda ad-libbed but got through it. At least the girls that showed up seemed to understand. Then team practice. Then the styling theme, and now here we are. Going to post a picture I took and yes it's for class, but like I said before might be a little bit way outside the box, but was fun

Going to go now so hope you enjoyed reading this. As always,

cookie kisses,

Monday, January 14, 2013



She liked my outfit ;=)
Oh, thought I'd mention. I'm in another class that is more about blogging. So up above or just below LoL my profile picture are buttons. You can click on these and see my other pages. Also if you see names of designers or CWS you can click on these and it will open up a map in another tab for you to show where it is in SL. Fancy eh? (Don't click on 'LiL', that's this one :))  Learned it last week ;=) actually learned so much last week I think my brain is numb. I counted and I put together 18 outfits, before I ended up with the ones I was happy with. Have another class tomorrow and I may have went to far out of the box on this one. But my little pixel feet are fast.  Will keep you posted.

cookie kisses,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Schools back in

Started Advanced Class, I think. Well really I did since I had homework for next week. Learning more about the modeling world in SL. This was my homework;

No not the pictures LoL...the outfit, hair, poses makeup, jewelry. Will find out next week if I did okay. This is just one of two for next week. Not the outfit, another instructor and different things. Will have to figure out that when I get there. The above is for a Haute Couture look. Like I would be doing a run way show in Paris. This is a Versace gown created in SL. It's also Mesh so a bit different then what I'm used to wearing. But I think it looks very nice. Now just have to convince my instructor it know Simon ;-)   Went with a lighter skin here a touch of blush and a dark lipstick.
Will let you know how it goes.
as always cookie kisses,