Sunday, December 2, 2012

Graduation Day

                                                I DID IT

Was a long day for all involvedA couple of the Instructor's and Anrol were there to help us get ready for the 1pm slt ceremony that took place. Which was a good thing as it was changed a bit from what we had first practiced.  And things were added. So was like getting ready for a show with lots of last minute changes. But as one Instructor told me 'your a model, make it work'. Good advice. 
We started at about 11 slt getting ready and by the time the after party was over I have no idea. 
We each came out one at a time, did what we needed to do and then exited. Anrol read our bio's while we were posing before the audience. I think I need to work on mine some. 
We came out again one at a time and posed on stage with flowers, we were given by Anrol

That's me with mine. I also got my diploma and this is it

Much to my surprise there were two winners one for blogging and one for class Valedictorian. After waiting for what seemed like forever guess what? It was me. It's hard to take a picture of yourself while your in a show so I went back later and took two more

I have a few other pictures I'll post along with these, some are us practicing, waiting to go on stage and on stage.
For me this was thrilling. I'd have to say one of my most wonderous (that is a word, look it up LoL) experiences in SL. Thank you Anrol and Steve, my classmates and those instructors that taught me both by teaching, helping and criticizing me. Along with my thanks are my congratulations to all who graduated with me. You inspired me to do better.

If you follow this link you can see who all my Instructor's were, Anrol and Steve, my classmates and my schedule. 
Oh..I won a scholarship to advanced class, so more to come, hard work. 
Thank you for following my journey at UCWS. as always, 

cookie kisses,