Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Was late for class. Ut Oh..Was lucky and she didn't bring her whip out. :-) Am a bit tired. Getting ready for Mids., a show, rushing taking pictures, for here and in world. Turning in things. Walking, posing. Making sure it seems to flow. Class, runways, formations. What day is this..sec..TUESDAY... lol had to check.
Between RL work, SL work and going to school for modeling (this page) I feel like I've shrunk two inches rushing about on my little feet. We know that can't happen, but I can feel like it.
Have the outfits ready for the show, for Avant Garde, still need poses for the show, did Avant Garde ones already. 
Tests coming up. What am I forgetting? Umm I forget what I'm forgetting.
I did take this picture hope you like it (shhhh it's a surprise)

I've seen a few movies about models, you know, they rush into a room and 15 people attend her, she stands up, they dress her. Then she walks out and smiles and poses. If only.
But it's all fun..and that's what matters most.
Have a great day.

cookie kisses,


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