Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Morning Blog.
Another great day. Sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Was close to 1pm slt until I class...since I did a double on Saturday, wait..a triple...Assessment, Show, Class, so I had a kinda day off. Well not really, went and took a couple of pictures, this is two of them, one I changed my profile to the other is what I was wearing;

Changed my skin for these shots. Gave the face a more softer look and realistic. Which will work later in my modeling career I hope.
I went to a show that CWS was having, you can see the show or links to over here >>>>>>>>>>>
that directions btw, not a link the blogs are on the side.
I'm concerned about the next leg of the auditions. I have this really beautiful outfit from Ms Lillou that I want to show. The problem(s) are the poses for. I think I've done a better job just need to come up with some poses that will work. Am going to ask an instructor for a hand on this one. I'd really like to model this outfit. Have to wait and see what happens. Either or, I'll post when I can, so stay tuned.

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