Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Morning,

Well..the day has come...Midterms.........blah.......THEN I have an audition at 1.  And have to be there early. Am a nervous wreck.
Being new to modeling I suppose I shouldn't worry much about the audition. But I am there. The thing that bothers me right I'll need to keep my mind on the audition after midterm and not wonder how I did. They don't tell you when they'll let you know. Maybe I should go get an outfit for it. Instead of my jeans n stuff. I don't know..have been shopping so much the last two days. Getting 'TMF' again. Which doesn't help when your trying to walk a catwalk.
I think after today I'm going to set up a new page. Not to sure about there templates..Oh well we'll see how it goes.

cookie kisses,


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