Friday, November 30, 2012

Trying this in HTML to see what it looks like. Not sure if it puts all the info in or I have to. Lets see what it does when I click on picture for background it loaded it, looks okay in preview. But doesn't really look any different then what I have been doing. I'm really going to have to get back into HTML, it's not that hard, just have to remember is all. Sunday is getting closer. LoL Dropped in on a team practice last night. Did a couple of walks with them. They were nice to me, but wow lots to learn to do that. Dang lights, if I had had to walk a straight line, I'd have been taken to jail for sure. Let alone tripping over the lights. Was fun tho. They even let me drive once. Didn't wreck so that's a good thing. Have all the poses I think and my huddles loaded up for more. Well gonna run for now and see how this looks. cookie kisses, LiL

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