Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good afternoon Blog, sorry I'm late but has been a busy morning. Rushing around taking pictures, dressing, posing and trying to find the perfect picture and description to show you what I'm wearing for my final. So here goes; first of all for my beach final this is what I have;

This is my final ensemble that I've chosen to wear for my beach test. I found this at VELVETRYTHMS New Main store located at CWS Fashion District A.  the prices I saw at this store were reasonable for all that was included with this outfit.
Some were less and some were more. This is the Sky demon Silver.  I selected this as I felt it called to me. A bit formal yet jazzy. Or maybe because sometimes I am an 'imp'. When I walk it shimmers with the blues fading and the silvers appearing. Not to detract from the ensemble I added a simple gold necklace with little diamonds and a gold ankle bracelet with diamonds that I found at Alba Art and Fashion in the same location, it also has a gold bracelet included.  These were for sale for 1L and I picked up a few more things at the same price here. 
The outfit includes many different ways to dress yourself, but for me (and my test) this is what I chose.
Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy wearing what I am.
I also have a part two to my final test so yes more pictures LoL. This is what I'm wearing;
My Casual Winter outfit I purchased from a store in the CWS Fashion District A.
There are so many shops in this area it was hard to stick to my schedule on what I had to get. I just wanted to keep on shopping. But alas, I had to have a list so I wouldn't get carried away. Accountants are so mean sometimes when I over spend.
This ensemble was purchased at  SF Designs and included the boots. With the sweater it also has two belts with resizer and one without. It is available in three colors, mine is gold.
I also found another shop ( LoL ) where I purchased the hair I'm wearing. It's from the same area at Bliss Couture, there were many selections and fat packs available, I chose Champagne and it also came with Sugar which is a bit lighter but very nice.
I added the Alba Rossini winter snow flake earrings and the moon pearls and silver necklace that I picked up earlier
For a shopping expedition CWS Fashion District A is a place to visit, if your accountants don't mind. Plan for a day, bring snacks. Also visit District B, the shops there are enticing also.

I had a hard time deciding on the pictures, as I wanted the snowflake earrings to show up, so I changed one to sunset and two to normal, hope you like these also;

The first two are with sunset settings, the last is my settings. The earrings really show up in the sunset, hope you like.
Is time for me to fly, so many things to do. Well, not to many, my accountants are a bit upset with me.

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