Monday, November 26, 2012

PASSED YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Blog,

Had my final today before the Dean. Can kick myself a bit as I had some nice heels then remembered at the last moment 'no prim feet' in class. So changed to another nice pair of silver. After I went home and checked as I had thought I'd had them turned off. Duh, off in the window means on, and on means off. Hey, it's SL what do you expect. But is completely my fault on that one.
So after, logged out, nice hot bath, candles, wine, a very nice dinner, wine, relaxed and had some wine. Did I mention I had some wine? LoL
Still have one more to go 'the walk' I'm ready for this and I'll remember to turn OFF sounds, some lessons you just have to learn the hard way, best remembered if you do. I'm going to close this page eventually and start posting different styles and such ( I said that before didn't I) but want to post my walk and presuming I get a diploma (I've seen some around the class room) I'll post that also.
I made up a little picture (don't you like my pictures) of things that I took and this is that;

Just some pictures I had taken on my journey during the school, things I had done and me.
I can hear a little song in the back ground calling out to me 'drink me' so I'm going to go finish my wine. That's the second bottle by the way LoL. Good night dear blog. as always

cookie kisses,


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