Saturday, November 24, 2012


                             TODAY WAS MIDTERM

hahaha thought I was finished but as an added incentive I get to post two midterm pictures.
We did a styling theme ;

                                                   AVANT GARDE        


And this is what I wore

I like the hair. Don't know as I'll ever wear it again, but love it. Just something made me say 'YES' to this hair. Then after went to work on the outfit and color.  If you'd like to see where I looked, it was explained in class, you can follow this link 

it's from google and shows lots of different styles.

Can't say what all went on, had to sign a disclosure statement, but had to do this also (giggles)

It was all fun, once I was standing here. The ladies that took them with me were all great. Sorry I don't have their links sec..maybe;

these are a couple you can look at. Can post the others sometime so you can see.

I wonder if it's okay to say 'I PASSED' Well still the Dean sooooo...but doing a 'boogie' dance big smile and clapping my hands...LoL.

                                                 !!CWS...SIMPLY THE BEST!!

oops,have a show tomorrow, can't sit around much, but going to take a break...

cookie kisses (big chocolate ones)


ps..that green looks ok on this page, but not showing up right in blog..not good...fixed it LoL

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