Saturday, November 24, 2012

Midterm has arrived. Today is the day. Looking at the list my blog must be done.
This has been my journey to this point. It has been an adventure that I never had to leave home for metaphorically speaking. LoL.
I hope along the way I've made some friends. I know there are lots I will always remember that journeyed with me, taught me and made me laugh.
I have watched shows that were so life like I felt that a limo was waiting outside to take me home.
Was able to participate in a few and even placed 2nd in one. They were all fun looking back 'after' but at the same time a bit nervous during.
All of it has been fun, well, most.
If you've read this blog you'll understand.
As I wait the time out, finishing this up and waiting to be called I'm going to do a quick change in sl, close this blog, and relax awhile.
Coffee is waiting for me. See ya on the other side always

cookie kisses,


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