Wednesday, November 21, 2012

                                  Amarige weddings

      hosted by Anrol Anthony and Steve McCullough of CWS Simply the Best

Attended this styling show and took pictures I thought I would share. I enjoyed it, hope you do too;

Models, Liberty Lighthouse, sweetyuna Wendel, Chevia Johansson, Ascensions, Summitt Beaumont, Thrishia Denver, annabree Fang, Katrinova, caralyne.melodyand Agee.canto.

and the winners 3rd Thrishia, 2nd Ascensions, 1st Summitt Beaumont. Congrats to all !!!!!

Made class too. Was great practicing as a group. Had to pay attention tho cause it went fast so only got this one shot, after :-)
Getting so close to the end. Lots of hard work ahead just to finish class. Is great fun.
Took this while I was waiting;

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving always,

cookie kisses,


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