Monday, January 14, 2013



She liked my outfit ;=)
Oh, thought I'd mention. I'm in another class that is more about blogging. So up above or just below LoL my profile picture are buttons. You can click on these and see my other pages. Also if you see names of designers or CWS you can click on these and it will open up a map in another tab for you to show where it is in SL. Fancy eh? (Don't click on 'LiL', that's this one :))  Learned it last week ;=) actually learned so much last week I think my brain is numb. I counted and I put together 18 outfits, before I ended up with the ones I was happy with. Have another class tomorrow and I may have went to far out of the box on this one. But my little pixel feet are fast.  Will keep you posted.

cookie kisses,

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