Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had a sorta kinda class today. The outfit I thought was for today wasn't. So will have to post that later. But I was sitting in the classroom waiting and SL had something that they needed to get fixed. I thought it was me so logged out. Opps...Couldn't get logged back in. So waited and waited and finally was able to. Just as I was deciding on what to do I get an IM. Part of my class work. What I did was try and help explain what goes on at the free styling events that CWS has. I kinda ad-libbed but got through it. At least the girls that showed up seemed to understand. Then team practice. Then the styling theme, and now here we are. Going to post a picture I took and yes it's for class, but like I said before might be a little bit way outside the box, but was fun

Going to go now so hope you enjoyed reading this. As always,

cookie kisses,

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