Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Schools back in

Started Advanced Class, I think. Well really I did since I had homework for next week. Learning more about the modeling world in SL. This was my homework;

No not the pictures LoL...the outfit, hair, poses makeup, jewelry. Will find out next week if I did okay. This is just one of two for next week. Not the outfit, another instructor and different things. Will have to figure out that when I get there. The above is for a Haute Couture look. Like I would be doing a run way show in Paris. This is a Versace gown created in SL. It's also Mesh so a bit different then what I'm used to wearing. But I think it looks very nice. Now just have to convince my instructor it know Simon ;-)   Went with a lighter skin here a touch of blush and a dark lipstick.
Will let you know how it goes.
as always cookie kisses,

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