Friday, February 8, 2013

                                   Advanced Class

Have been trying to think of a word to describe my journey at CWS in advanced. Overwhelmed comes to mind. Durus (latin, I looked it up :-) ) is the one foremost in my thoughts. But you know what? I'm learning. Some disappointment at times. I guess the reason for this is that the staff works so hard to give you what they already know, so when I am not up to their standards I'm disappointed in me. If I was just told 'do this' that would be one thing. But before I'm told to 'do this' I'm taught 'how' to do it. So I guess not being able to rise to their standards is my disappointment. 
But then when I do I get a surge of happiness that they approved of me doing what was asked. 
If you read this or happen across it in your surfings and wish to 'learn' about modeling CWS is the place to learn. 
So for now I'll get back to doing some things that need to be done on my wonderful journey.
as always
cookie kisses,

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